WearBands Therapeutic

Wearable Resistance Band Training System
+ Licensed/Certified Professional


WEARBANDS THERAPUTIC combines the groundbreaking and acclaimed WearBands Training System with a certified and licensed professional, who will develop a customized training and rehabilitation program based on:

  • A patented functional foot-typing system
  • Diagnosing muscle imbalances and associated symptoms
  • Developing a customized WearBands training program
  • Monitor progress and coach in person and on-line


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Why Choose WearBands

The WearBands training system, combined with a licensed physical therapy practitioner, has the unique ability to identify muscle imbalances resulting from foot type, lower extremity injury and other extraneous factors, and then provide corrective muscle strengthening, improved neuromuscular feedback and improved posture, leading to improved mobility and reduced discomfort. We at WearBands Therapeutic are excited to have discovered the WearBands Training System, and look forward to helping you lead a more active and pain-free life.

Dr. Dennis Shavelson

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WearBands Therapeutic:

Combining The WearBands Wearable Resistance Band Training System with A Licensed or Certified Professional who will, on a case to case basis:

  • Diagnose the functional foot type
  • Create a custom WearBands Training Program
  • Monitor, adjust and maximize the program, safely
  • Set and meet goals
  • Monitor, coach and train personally and virtually