Get Certified as a Functional Foot Typer

Congratulations for your desire to “Make Biomechanics Evidence Based & Great Again” in your professional practice by becoming certified in Functional Foot Typing® .

Functional Foot Typing® (FFT) is a 2007 U.S. Patented foot typing method that serves as the starting platform for an experiential, transformative biomechanical paradigm that allows professional to diagnose, develop custom plans for and treat the foot and postural suffering public professionally as never before.

The Foot Centering Theory of Structure and Function paradigm shift defines the architectural, engineering and physics of functional lower extremity biomechanics as never before. Foot Centering qualitatively gives professionals power and control over underpinning pathology concerning stability, support, strength, symmetry and balance of the human closed chain (standing and moving upright) foundation.

“Understanding the weighted foot in function is a mandated prerequisite for the prescription of both conservative and interventional treatment for foot and postural pathomechanics”. Dennis Shavelson DPM


Below you will find informational brochures for patients to read to learn more about their specific foot type and the benefits of utilizing the Functional Foot Typing method. The brochures include information on associated foot conditions and shoe fitting issues for their specific foot type, as well as general FAQs like “Why do I need to know my foot type?” Additional information can be provided upon request.