Wearable Resistance Band Training (WRB)

Wearable Resistance Band (WRB) Training is a subclass of Resistance Training. WRB systems utilize specially designed belts, socks, arm and chest straps, gloves and other wearables to anchor elastic resistance bands connecting two or more body segments as a training tool.

Wearable Resistance Band tools, when worn, are working constantly during daily activity, exercise, sports participation, rehabilitation and training making it a useful tool for noncompliant, obese, weak, injured, young and old cohorts as well as the training or professional athlete and “weekend warrior”.

WRB Training provides an ascending variable elastic resistance force that stresses the body at its anchored locations different than the g-Force of body weight making it a useful stand alone or combined class of resistance training.

Wearable Resistance Band systems stress the wearer at two or more locations while allowing hands free sovereign movement. They impact single joints and/or multiple joints on all three body planes in any and all directions. This had been shown clinically to be useful for many training applications and many cohorts.
Key Takeaway: WRB Training is a multi-vector, multi-plane, variable, ascending resistance type of resistance training that can be utilized while performing life’s tasks, sports, training, movements and activities, hands free (1).

Examples of Wearable Resistance Training Systems


SWIFT Wearable Trainer